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About us

 Hi Curls, nice to know more about CG Curls!

In 2018, I came into contact with the CG Method. I had beautiful curls but they gradually disappeared because I was quite attached to my highlights (was necessary to keep gray outgrowths from standing out too much)....


During my search on the internet, I stumbled upon a Facebook group (unfortunately no longer exists) where the CG Method was discussed. A complete study followed about the CG method and then I purchased some products. Thankfully, my curls slowly came back, it worked!!

In 2019, after I had sold my company, and was enjoying myself for a while after 30 years of hard work, the idea came up to set up an online shop with only CG products in the range because this was missing in the digital world.

I sold this shop in 2021 because I wanted to fully focus on releasing my own line Amazing Curls.

During the time I had the online shop, I of course had the opportunity to test many products/packages/brands, and I was never really satisfied with products from 1 brand, and customers often asked, I would like everything from 1 line, which can you recommend? 

That was our challenge, to develop a line where you would be happy with every product.

Our first product, the Curly Hair Protein Protein Drops, was launched after 8 months of development, in June 2021. This was a new form that was not yet available worldwide and we are super proud of it.

Our inspiration were brands, which we thought were the best but just not good enough, or there was not enough hold in it, or there was glycerin in it or....

So Amazing Curls, is an improved version of the best....

Together with our testers, who all have different hair properties, we came up with a fantastic range with only four products that have 2 or more uses. As a result, you really only need these four products and the protein drops. How convenient is that?

We hope you are as happy with our brand as we are and that we have achieved what we envisioned.








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