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Protein Drops

Vegan - CG Approved- Cruelty free

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Our highly concentrated invention is designed to give you beautiful, defined curls like never before.

Fragrance-free, perfect for people with a sensitive scalp. Experience the benefits of Protein Drops, giving it a radiant shine and enviable bounce. 

Do you also suffer from brittle and dull hair? Do you wake up with frizzy curls that quickly turn into a limp and lifeless mass? Then our drops are your holy grail!

Our hair is made up mostly of protein and just as our bodies need protein in our diet, we also need protein in our hair care routine.

Protein strengthens hair by attaching to the hair shaft, strengthening the cuticle, filling in gaps in the cuticle and creating a protective layer. This helps the hair retain its moisture and gives it more shine and definition.

  • Without perfume
  • Suitable for all curl types
  • Packaged in a handy tube
  • 50 ml Bottle with pipette for convenient dosing

Give your hair the boost it needs by adding the drops to your existing products, our Amazing Curls products, or by applying them directly to damp hair for a quick refresh. Feel the difference in one application and experience how your curls regain their vitality and shine.

**shelf life 1 year after opening**


We have tested it extensively on low and high porosity hair, high and low elasticity. 

Which hair needs protein?

  • Damaged hair / porous hair: sun-bleached, frequent swimming in a pool/chlorine water, wavy and permanently dyed or semi-permanently dyed hair usually needs more protein.
  • If theends are thinner than the center and look lighter in color, your hair may need protein, especially at the ends. Protein balances porosity in damaged hair.
  • Dry hair - if you've tried everything with protein-free masks, oil treatments and those treatments don't work, the dryness of your hair could indicate a need for protein.
  • Thin hair: Protein also provides support for thin/fine hair as it adds just a little extra stiffness – protein is support for your hair. People with coarse hair tend to find that using protein too often causes their hair to feel stiff or brittle, dry or sticky, or possibly too soft and limp.
  • Before coloring or highlighting or after a lot of sun and dry wind exposure, hair can benefit from hydrolyzed proteins in products.
  • Breakage in your hair. If you've already tried deep conditioning or a long oil treatment, it's time to try some protein. Because protein helps keep hair hydrated (it slows down water loss!). It can help reduce breakage in dehydrated hair by increasing hydration. Hair is less likely to break when it is flexible and hair is most flexible when it is well hydrated.
  • Because your hair is made of protein,every hair needs protein, to a greater or lesser extent.

Signs that hair needs protein: 

  • Hair that loses bounce may need protein.
  • Hair that breaks while using a good (protein free) conditioner probably needs protein.
  • Hair that continues to look dry despite using oils and conditioners may need protein for hydration.
  • Hair that is more tangled than normal.
  • Curls that look undefined after styling or refreshing
  • In combination with our Amazing Curls line, this is a golden combination! 

Tip: only using our Amazing Curls products can lead to brittle and dry hair due to too much moisture. Regularly add these drops to your All-in-One Treatment, Styling Cream and/or Styling Gel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Angelica S.
Fijn producten

Heel fijn product. Ben nog wel aan het uitzoeken wat voor mijn haar het beste werkt kwa hoeveelheid druppels. Maar het resultaat ben ik nu al blij mee. Ik heb dun krullend haar, dus de druppels zijn voor mij veel prettiger zo dat je zelf kan uitzoeken hoeveel het beste is.

Marleen B.
Fijne website, goed overzichtelijk. bezorging zeer snel!

Ik heb de proteïne druppels besteld. Heel fijn product. Te gebruiken bij de styling in de gel bijvoorbeeld of in de conditioner. Het scheelt een zoektocht naar weer de juiste producten en bespaart dus echt geld.

Yvonne H.
Fantastische proteïne druppels die je zelf kunt toevoegen!

Fantastische proteïne druppels die je zelf aan je producten kunt toevoegen. Ik gebruik deze proteïne druppels nu al sinds vorige jaar en wil er absoluut niet meer zonder. Merk dat mijn haar (ook door het verven) proteïne nodig heeft. Deze druppels zijn de ideale oplossing daarvoor en je kunt ze gewoon toevoegen aan de andere producten van cgcurls.

Janneke B.
Fijn spul

Fijn in gebruik, haar wordt niet vet en ik heb geen pluizige krullen meer

Marloes T.
Zeer goed!

Heel fijn dat mijn kast nu weer leeg kan. Heel blij met deze producten. Moet nog even zoeken hoeveel proteine mijn haar nodig heeft maar geloof vast dat dat goed komt!

Ook geschikt voor laag poreus haar

De proteïne druppels zijn heel handig in gebruik, want ik heb laag poreus haar. Met de proteïne druppels kan ik zelf de hoeveelheid bepalen, zodat mijn krullen er mooi en gezond eruit zien. Mijn krullen reageren er goed op. Ze voelen zacht aan en ze krijgen een mooie glans. Elke keer weer.

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