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Our Premium Products are

Vegan krullen producten
Producten die CG zijn
Cruelty free producten voor krullend haar
Krullenproducten gemaakt in Nederland

Airless package

With a premium hair brand comes exclusive packaging.

But that's not the only reason we chose this. It is also:

Hygienic - Easy to dose - Economical to use - Longer lasting

OP = OP without the hassle of getting the last residue out.

amazing curls collectie en proteine druppels


Then our All What You Need Mini Set is the best way to get acquainted!

Geen keuzestress bij je zoektocht naar krullen producten

No choice stress

Most companies lose their focus by carrying too large an assortment, but we focus on an organized assortment so you no longer suffer from choice stress.

That means formulas that are formulated with more precision, a simplified routine and products that actually deliver on their promise.

With only 5 products, you have your entire washing and styling routine complete.

proteïne druppels voor krullend haar

our invention

Buying both protein and protein-free products is over. We developed the formula so that it can be applied to all hair types.

Add them to your mask, conditioner, leave-in, or gel.

More definition and shine.

Our 4 Moisture Products can't do without these Protein Drops ;-)

amazing curls producten met groene appeltjes geur

the scent

All of our Amazing Curls Products have the wonderful scent of Green Apples. Not overdone but subtly present.

The perfume we use is in the Non-Sensitive category, which means it causes no, or less irritation.

Our Protein Drops contain no perfume!


Moisture krullen producten

Top product, it instantly gives a good boost to your curls!I left it on for about 6 minutes and my hair immediately felt well-nourished and soft after using it!




Finally my scalp is itch-free again and more definition in my curls and less frizz.


All-in-One Styling Cream

Finally everything in 1 bottle.

Best product all time.

Been cg for 8 years now


5 things you should know

Don't use too much product

Our products punish you right away when you use too much. After all, they are highly concentrated for a reason so you can use them for longer!

Do you have questions?

We are here for you if you have any questions about our products. We want to give you the best experience with our products. Click on the Whatsapp button on this page if you want a quick chat.

our names

CG Curls is our
company name, and under this umbrella we have developed 2 brands. First
in 2021, the Curly Hair Protein Protein drops, and this year, 2023, the Amazing
Curls line. Yeah confusing but this has had its reasons.

For all Hair Types

Our products are suitable for all curly, wavy and fine hair, we tested this extensively while developing this line.

did you know?

Our 5 products, Amazing Curls & Protein Drops, can replace 14 products in your cupboard?

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