beste gel voor krullend haar, geschikt voor alle haartypes



I hear you thinking: curls and gel... huh?! No, not that yellow jar of gel from the past, but a special CG approved gel that ensures that your curls stay in place and less frizz than if there was no product in it. 

As the last step in your routine, use a CG gel. Because the gel dries hard, your curls stay in shape, they fall out less quickly and you are less likely to suffer from frizz. But how do you choose a good gel for your waves or curls? Read it below! 


Each gel contains different ingredients and is different in structure. In addition, there is a lot on offer. To choose the right gel, it is important to know your hair properties. This is related to the porosity and elasticity of your hair. In addition, the curl type is important, followed by your hair thickness. 

Porosity: Do you have damaged hair due to heat or dyeing? Then there is a good chance that your hair is damaged and you have high porosity . Is your hair super healthy and does it dry very slowly when it is wet? Then there is a good chance that you have low porosity .

Elasticity : Through the stretch test you will find out whether your hair is elastic or not. Wet 1 hair thoroughly with water, grab it between 2 fingers and pull it apart. Does your hair snap almost immediately? Then you have low elasticity. This hair lacks moisture. Can you pull the hair apart a few inches and then he? Then you have a high elasticity. This hair has a moisture overload.

Hair thickness : hold 1 hair against the light, can you hardly see it? Then you have thin hair. You should use light products. Is the hair very visible? Then you have thick hair and you can use heavier products.

Now that you know your hair properties, you can choose the right gel. Because using a gel has many advantages. It ensures better curl definition and retains moisture in the hair. It is a final layer. 


High porosity: Look at gels with protein. Or use our Amazing Curls Styling Gel together with the Protein Drops. You only need to use a small amount of this gel. It is recommended to dilute it with water.

Low porosity : Look for light gels without protein. Our Amazing Curls Styling Gel is a light gel and provides shine and defined curls. He has a strong hold.

High elasticity : This hair stretches and contains a lot of moisture. Beware of moisture overload. A moisture overload can cause your curls to sag. There is a protein deficiency.

Low elasticity : This hair has a moisture deficiency and that is why our moisture Styling Gel is an excellent gel for low elasticity.


Make sure you start on clean hair first. Wash your hair with shampoo, followed by conditioner and possibly a leave-in conditioner to care for your hair. Then apply a curl gel to well wet hair! 

Raking technique: Take some gel between your hands, spread your fingers through your hair. From the ends to 5 cm from the scalp. Never apply it on top of your scalp!
Praying hands technique : spread the gel over your hands and place your hands flat against each other. As if you are praying. Do this with strands of hair between your hands and divide from bottom to top.
Scrunch technique: take gel between your hands and squeeze the gel (and water) from the hair: This can be done with your hands followed by a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel to squeeze excess product and water from the hair.
Squish to condish technique: are you still in the shower? With this technique, the idea is that your hair is soaking wet (recommended for high porosity) or damp (recommended for low porosity) enough to hear a squish sound. Squeeze the gel onto well wet or damp hair so that you hear a squish sound. Do you feel like the gel is disappearing? Then apply the method twice or more. Please note, this technique often requires more gel than the top techniques.

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