krullen vanaf de hoofdhuid



You have a successful wash day, your curls look nice, but they only start from the middle of your hair. It may of course be the case that the hair is simply straighter at the roots, but you can positively influence it by these tips. 

  1. Rinse your conditioner upside down in the shower. Have you left your conditioner on for a few minutes? Flip your hair forward and rinse it upside down. This causes the roots of your hair to move against the direction of the hair, which also gives you volume.
  2. Squish to condish. Do you put conditioner in your hair and rinse it upside down? Then try the squish to condish method. Rinse out some conditioner, lean forward and squeeze the products from your hair. Squeeze well at the roots of the hair to activate the curls there.
  3. Create sections in your hair while styling. To distribute your hair products as best as possible, it is recommended to divide your hair into sections when applying styling products.
  4. Rootclipping. Have you finished styling your curls and is it ready to dry? Take some cuts and secure your strands of hair at the parting. Make sure the clips push your hair up. The cut ensures that your hair dries the way you fixed it.
  5. Denman Brush use for volume. Use a Denman Brush to define your hair. Comb sections of your hair upward after applying styling products so that your hair does not sit on the scalp.
  6. Apply products to wellwet hair. Your styling products will automatically dilute if you use a lot of moisture when applying products. This way you prevent the products from weighing down your hair and preventing it from curling from the root.
  7. Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch! A curly head can never do this enough. This technique ensures that you activate your curls when it is wet and styling products have been applied. Don't forget to squeeze the scalp well!
  8. Apply extra gel when your hair is drying. Ultimate tip for more definition of your curls at the roots. Apply extra gel when it is drying. Is your hair 60% dry? If you feel that it is still a little wet, 'glaze' extra gel over your hair and then scrunch it. You will see that you get more definition and extra curl clumps.


By: Merel Mulderij

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