Wintertips voor krullend haar

Winter tips for curly hair

We love winter during the holidays, the beautiful snow and the hot chocolate, but we people with curly hair don't like it because of the dry air. Your already dry hair gets even drier, the wind and snow make your hair ridiculously tangled, and let's not even talk about hats and the frizz they cause.

So what's a curly haired woman to do? You'll need the best curly hair tips for winter and they're a little different than your standard curly hair routine.

Winter means low dew points

Let's first understand why curls suffer so much in winter. The low dew point is the cause of this. Every time the weather drops below 1 degree Celsius, your hair releases water. That's the opposite of what you want to happen, but when you use humectants (humectants), that's exactly what happens.

If the weather drops below 1 degree Celsius, the weather is usually poor, and poor weather equals humidity. Low humidity means that your curls will release water into the air.

What is the result? You name it – frizz, flyaways, broken hair and split ends – all the things we hate.

During these cold months, apply a layer of leave-in conditioner and only use products with a light hold. Your curls need the moisture now more than ever – don't give it away! Start a winter routine for curly hair.

The 11 best ways to deal with curly hair in winter

Now that you know what curly hair does in the winter, here are our favorite tips for curly hair for the winter.

  • Use conditioner – a lot.

Conditioner is your best friend during these winter months. As I mentioned above, a leave-in conditioner locks in the moisture in your hair instead of giving it away. Give your hair some moisturizing love and find a leave-in conditioner that you love.

And in addition to using conditioner and leave-in on wash days, you can also add moisture to your hair by applying some watered-down leave-in conditioner to dry hair. Be careful with this and make sure there are no humectants in the top 5 ingredients.

  • Never comb or brush dry hair

    Curls should never be combed or brushed dry, but in winter it is an even bigger NO GO. If you need a little help in the shower getting through your locks and making sure every strand gets conditioner, use a wide-tooth combn or a wet-detangler brush, but only in the shower

    • Skip the heat – or go for the lowest setting

      This is another no-no for curls in the winter. Hot tools ruin your curls and dry out your hair. But sometimes we can't help it. We are in a hurry and don't have time to air dry. In those cases (make them rare), use a diffuser at the lowest temperature to dry your curls.

      • Seal your hair

        If you don't use oil all year round, winter is a good time to start. Pay close attention to your ends, because that's where your hair loses the most moisture. Oil locks in moisture and any products you used to style your hair. Not only that, but it also protects your hair from the annoying dry air and damaging cold temperatures.

        Argan and jojoba oils are favorite options because they are lightweight, and work well on all hair types.

        The best way to use oils to seal is to take just a few drops and gently knead them into the ends, just after you've finished applying all your styling products and your hair is still wet.

        NOTE: Although many curly hair types around the world use and love oil, this is important to know: if you love it and don't want to give it up, you will need to cleanse more intensively – more often. Any oil, any oil, sealing or penetrating, whatever…. will prevent hair from absorbing water. Your curls will need to be cleaned regularly to properly remove the oil.

        So make sure you are on top of this by regularly clarifying if you decide to use oil.

        • Treat yourself to a silk or (polyester) satin pillowcase

          You can't help but roll around while you sleep. Unfortunately, that's a recipe for broken and frizzy hair, especially during the winter months when your hair is already fragile. Since you don't have to do anything other than lay your head on your pillow, this is one of the favorite tips. Enjoy your sleep on a silky soft new pillowcase.

          • Find your favorite protective hairstyle

            Hats, scarves, wind and cold wreak havoc on your beautiful curls. If you have some time to spare, get acquainted with different hairstyles. Braids, loose bangs, and cute buns (hello messy bun) are all great ways to protect your hair from tangles, frizz, and getting tangled in all the winter gear we have to wear.

            • Buy a satin-lined hat

              Now you can enjoy the luxury of satin all day long. Satin-lined hats are a thing and you need them if you have curly hair. If you've ever experienced the embarrassment of looking like you've stuck your finger in an electrical socket after removing the beanie, you'll understand. Curly heads shouldn't have to freeze just to protect their hair – so treat yourself to a little luxury.

              • Mask (deep condition) your hair a lot

                Find a quality hair mask and use it often. Winter is not a time to scrimp and save. Your hair needs as much protection as possible and there is nothing better than a thick hair mask that retains the moisture of your hair.

                • Sleep with a humidifier

                  Give your hair the gift of moisture while you sleep by adding a humidifier to your room. When you wake up, instead of having dry, straw-like hair, you'll have hydrated hair that's much easier to style and manage.

                  You can also use a steamer to freshen your curls and put some moisture back into your hair.

                  • Keep it short

                    You don't need super short hair, but cutting off a few inches for the winter months isn't a bad idea, especially if you don't have time to air dry your hair. Cutting off a few inches can save you over an hour of drying time and you'll have less hair to deal with while the air is dry and there's a lot of frizz.

                    • Avoid glycerin in the top 5 ingredients

                      I alluded to this in the first tip, but because glycerin is a humectant and is popular in curly hair products, you may want to avoid it when dew points/humidity are low. Attention! This only applies if it is in your last styling product.

                      Below is an overview of humidifying ingredients that you should avoid versus ingredients (Film Forming Humectants) that you should look for.




                      Start your winter routine for curly hair

                      While you should take care of your hair all year round, your curls need extra attention during the winter months. Pay close attention to the products you use and even the way you treat your hair. Give your hair extra love while showering, styling and even throughout the day, even when you sleep.

                      With the right help, you can give your hair the moisture it needs to combat the dry winter air and the damage it can cause. If you do it right, you won't be able to tell from your beautiful curls whether it's winter or summer!

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