About CG Curls

 Your passion... are your curls.

Our passion... is to guide you to a simple and effective hair care routine, with products that nourish your curls and provide visibly improved results.

We are not just another a haircare brand: we started our line with a thought behind it, namely the experiences of customers and of course our own experiences in the CG world and with the products.

Frequently heard comments and questions of customers in our then webshop were:

  • Which products should I use with and without protein?
  • Which proteins are good for my curls?
  • Why do I have to purchase so many products?
  • My closet is too full, do you also have similar onestylers?
  • I would like to purchase as few products as possible.
  • I can no longer see the forest for the trees, what should I buy?

Our first idea came in 2020: how nice would it be if you could add protein to products when your curls need it? This would be cost-saving and would make a huge difference in the initial purchase.
This resulted in our Protein Drops, which were launched in 2021 . Of course, it had to meet our requirements, namely being suitable for every hair type. Fortunately, they were skilled enough in the laboratory to develop a formula with proteins and additives that would be suitable for low, medium and high porosity hair. This has also been tested by us.

In 2021, after the sale of our webshop, we started expanding the line with moisure products, again with the experiences of our customers in mind.

At the beginning of 2023, Amazing Curls was launched, a compact line of 4 products but with multiple applications. It had to meet high standards, such as nourishing, and provide hold that we had not experienced before, such as with a curl cream.
We have used the best ingredients tto achieve this result. By offering this compact line together with the Protein Drops, we hope to reduce the choice stress for curly hair.

The packaging was also clear to us. Like any curly haired person, you have probably used all the jars and bottles. The only bottle that stood head and shoulders above the rest was the airless... this because it is super hygienic, easy to dose, has a longer shelf life because there is no light or moisture is added, and gone = gone without the hassle of removing the last bit and therefore recyclable and sustainable.

We have consciously chosen exclusive ingredients , in high dosage, and exclusive packaging, which means that we are not the cheapest, but we hope to be one of the better ones ;-).

Our products are Vegan, CG Approved and Cruelty Free.

 cg producten krullend haar