Use of Protein Drops


The number of drops you can add to your product depends on the following points:

  • length of your curls
  • thickness of your hair
  • porosity / elasticity of your curls
  • in which product you want to add it

The Hydrolyzed Wheat protein is suitable for fine and medium hair - low, medium and high porosity hair

The Hydrolyzed Soy Protein is suitable for fine and medium hair - porous, damaged and chemically treated hair

  • We advise at least 5-10 drops per side/section in your product(s), use more drops if you have longer and thicker hair.
  • If your hair feels stiff / rough after administering the drops, then you have used too much or your hair is not accepting the protein at the moment.
  • Mask, mix at least 15 drops with an amount of mask, depending on the length of your hair and amount of product.
  • You can also add the drops to a refresh, if you do after a few days sagging curls experience and see it dry out? Then spray your hair damp or wet, take a little gel or cream in the palm of your hand and add a few protein drops, rub your hands together to mix well. Don't want to add a product in your hair then you can also suffice with putting a quantity of drops on your hands and apply directly to damp hair to make your curls shine again and to restore bounce.


To test with these protein drops, we recommend that you do the following first:

  • Wash your hair with protein-free products.
  • You're using protein-free products for your styling .
  • Add protein drops to your latest styling product, eg gel or cream.
  • Put your styling product without the drops in one side of your hair, and mix the drops with the same styling product on the other side of your hair.
  • This allows you to compare what these drops mean for your curls.

Once your curls are completely dry you should see/feel a difference. This may be that the curl is more defined, see the photo below, then your curls will like it very much.

  • Should you no difference see, you may have used too few drops.. wet that side of the hair a bit and add product with a few drops again.
  • You see difference, and it is worse than the silk without the drops, more fluff, saggy curls, stiff / rough hair then your curls don't need protein in your styling products for now.
  • Are your curls on the thinner bottom then half way? Then try to only add drops to the product that you will only use for these points.
  • Of course you are free to first add the drops to a protein-free shampoo / mask to see if this makes a difference for you. You can then slowly try to build it up.


Give your curls a boost with, for example, a protein treatment , by adding drops to your mask. This can be a mask without protein, or a mask that does contain protein but it is not in the first 5 ingredients. TIP: Mix the drops in advance through the mask in a separate bowl, the shower can cause annoying / uncomfortable situations.

Quick one moisture overload ? Then mix a few drops of protein drops with your moisture (protein-free) product to create more balance.

Do you have a moisture overload? Then these drops are perfect to get rid of your overload within 1 day. Add at least 30 drops to your wet hair, it is best to mix this with a leave-in and then use water to spray your hair with moisture to distribute the product / drops well. You can even just add drops.

Do you have protein products, e.g. a gel or leave-in, and do you still feel that they not the result give what you want? Then add these drops to the protein product so that it may still give the desired result.

Feel your curls stiff/rough after rinsing out your mask/conditioner with protein drops? Then your curls don't like protein very much at the moment. Then immediately use a moisture mask / conditioner to reduce the stiffness and make your curls soft again.


You saves money and bad buys because with these protein drops you can test first, and use / use your current products with the help of these drops.

  • No moisture AND protein purchase products if you want alternate with protein. Add the drops to your moisture product(s), so 1 product is needed for both applications.
  • Bought products with protein, and they don't give you the best result because the protein is not in the first 5 ingredients stands? Then add these drops to still get the desired result. Is the protein in the first 5 ingredients, but displeased? Try adding a few drops to this product, perhaps the results will improve.
  • Please note, all curls need protein, to a greater or lesser extent.. if the drops are not working for you at the moment, you can well be the case if your hair characteristics change.
  • These protein drops are therefore never throw money away , it always comes in handy in one way or another.

NOTE: These drops have ingredients that prevent bacteria and fungi, pure protein drops do NOT, so be warned.