No time for an extensive laundry day, then we have the solution for you.

No time for an extensive laundry day? Then we have the solution for you: guaranteed definition and firm curls for a whole week! Here's our quick wash day routine:


snelle wasdag routine

Personally, I always have a lot of success with this laundry day and you may have done this before, but if you need inspiration, this really is a game changer!

1. Clarifying Shampoo

TIP: You can skip this step if you don't suffer from an oily scalp or build-up. That makes your laundry day even faster!

Advantage of this shampoo:

  •  Cleans thoroughly without stripping your hair.
  •  Mild and suitable for daily use.
  •  Contains ingredients that reduce scalp irritations, itching and flaking.


    2. All-in-One Treatment & Protein Drops

    If you're skipping the shampoo, start with the All-in-One Treatment.

    • Wet your hair
    • Use 2 pumps per side (use less for short hair and use more for long and thick hair) and add a whole pipette of protein drops , this is about 12 drops.
    • So mix 2 x 2 pumps of All-in-One Treatment with 2 x 12 Protein Drops for the entire hair
    • Use a brush to comb your hair, remove tangles and distribute the product evenly.

    A big advantage of this All-in-One Treatment? It has a light hold ingredient so you get improved definition. And contains a lot of nutrition!

    The Protein Drops provide shine, definition and strength in your curls.

     Mengen van proteine druppels

    3. Squish to Condish Method

    • Place your head under the shower tap for a second and then squeeze the water and product thoroughly into your hair (5-10 times in all areas).
    • Repeat this 2 or 3 more times, but make sure that some residue remains in your hair. Your hair should still feel a little mushy and slippery. 

    You should see that your curls are already well defined. 


    4. Use a shower cap

    • Use a shower cap to cover your soaking wet hair. You can find this at, among others. Very useful so that you don't gets soaking wet when you dry off.

    douchecap voor krullend haar

    5. Styling Gel

    • Once you're out of the shower, remove the shower cap from your head and add our Styling Gel. Use about three pumps in total.
    • First divide the gel well over your hands, mix it with some water and apply it. You can first use the praying hands technique ( rub your hair between two palms. You make the movement from top to bottom, starting with your hair roots and ends at the tips of your hair ) and then scrunch well ( you push your hair towards your scalp with your hands and then gently squeeze it )

    TIP: In dry weather, such as winter and summer, you can apply a sealing oil before applying the Styling Gel.


    6. Blot with a microfiber towel

    • Once you are done with this, grab a microfiber towel and start blowing your hair. Not familiar with this technique? There are videos on YouTube
    • Popping is useful for removing excess water from your hair. Do this for about 5-10 minutes while you get dressed or apply makeup.

    When you remove the towel you will see that your curls already feel a lot drier.


    7. Drying

    • Use a diffuser to dry your curls up to 90%. Let the rest air dry. 


    8. Result

    This method personally gives me quick results with my hair properties (fine but a lot of hair, high porosity) and delivers extreme definition and curls that last a week. I hope you will experience the same!


    9. Refresh your curls if necessary 

    • If you do experience some frizz over the next few days, pump a small pea-sized amount of All-in-One Styling Cream onto your hand, mix it with water, divide it between both hands and apply it to the top layer of your curls. You can do this on dry curls or with a mist spray bottle for light humidity.
    • The All-in-One Styling Cream has a great slip and is perfect for refreshing your curls.
    • An alternative is to run your hair with wet hands to reactivate the gel.

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