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7 Reasons why your wavy hair doesn't clump

We all want nice clumps because they keep the curls together nicely, but for curl types 2A to 2C this is easier said than done.

Here are a few reasons why your curls don't clump (anymore).

1. Not using a Deep Conditioner (mask) enough

This is a big mistake. Deep conditioning is a must to create beautiful clumps.

Preferably weekly if you wash your curls several times a week. If you wash your curls once a week, then once every 2 weeks.

If you consistently skip a mask, any hope of clumping your curls is gone.

But the way you use the mask is also important.

Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way to condition your curls.

Simply applying a mask and hoping for the best yields minimal results.

If you want to treat your curls with a mask, start by turning your head upside down and running the water through it. The weight of the water pulls your curls together and forms natural clumps. Make sure all hair is soaking wet.

Apply your mask liberally to the individual clumps. While applying, concentrate on the ends and any rough spots you can feel throughout the hair strand.

Once you've applied the deep conditioner throughout your hair, squish to condish the curls and pulse at the top.

Cover with a shower cap or heat cap and let sit for 30 minutes.

2. The product is too heavy OR too light for your curls

Finding the right product for your specific hair is essential. This can be frustrating, especially at first, so I suggest you choose products that are right for your hair type, use them for a month, try different application techniques, and monitor how your hair reacts to them.

If you have wavy to curly hair and use heavy butters and oils, it's probably too heavy for your curls. It will weigh them down and make your curls stringy, breaking up any clumps.

And if your hair is super curly and you're using a lightweight product, it won't be able to hold your curls together because they need a bit more weight.

It can be a little daunting to find the right products, but I promise it's worth it.

What about our Styling Gel, which has Shea Butter as its 5th ingredient and further down the line has Avocado Oil...while being classed as a lightweight gel?

It's about the percentage that is in it, it can be listed as the fifth ingredient, but that does not mean that it contains a lot.. the first ingredients, such as the ingredients for the hold, have a much higher percentage because we wanted to emphasize that laying.. good hold = higher percentage of ingredient .. the shea butter is in it to give your curls a nice feeling and nutrition.

The gel is indeed lightweight, well tested on fine hair, and the findings of other curly hair also confirm this, luckily!

3. You brush your hair too much

You see a lot of curly hair using the Denman, Wet Detangler Brush or wide tooth comb to create beautiful clumps. So yes why do you brush your hair too much ..??

It's fine to detangle your hair with a brush when you apply your conditioner, but try to use your hands when styling, as bristles can separate your curls too much, preventing them from clumping.

For wavy's it is therefore advisable to use your hands as much as possible instead of combs or brushes.

This does not have to apply to everyone, it also depends on other factors such as thick or fine hair. Try it out so that you can experience for yourself where you get the most beautiful clumps that also stay in it.

4. Your hair is not wet enough when applying styling products

Applying products to hair that is not fully saturated can mess with your clumps potency. If your hair is not completely wet, the products will not be distributed evenly. This means you get some flat sections, less tangles and more fluff.

Apply your styling products right out of the shower when your hair is soaking wet. This ensures an even distribution, which later leads to less lint.

5. Do not apply products to the roots

It may go against what you've always believed/heard, but applying products to the root can really help form clumps.

Turn your head upside down, start with the section closest to your roots and apply your styling products before working your hair down.

6. Protein-fluid balance is out of proportion

This is so important.. our Amazing Curls line contains no protein, but that doesn't mean your curls can do without it.. our drops are really a must-have to use with the Amazing Curls. Too much moisture is not always good in the long term.. as soon as your curls feel a bit more brittle, experience more frizz, and the clumps don't stay in, then it's time to add the drops to your mask, cream or gel . If you want to see immediate results, apply them directly to damp hair. If your curls are happy, you will see that the curls clump more and curl tighter.

7. You need a haircut

Is your hair too heavy and weighing down your waves? Then it might be time to make an appointment for your hair. It's easy to think that you don't have to cut your hair anymore because you don't use heat and drying products anymore - but you don't, you do!

Book an appointment to get rid of split ends and ask your stylist to add some layers to lighten your hair. This will make your waves clump more easily.


Getting curls clumped doesn't happen overnight. It takes effort and consistency to let your curls form beautiful clumps naturally.

By using the right products for your curl type, giving your curls the right protein-moisture balance and making your hair super wet, you're off to a great start!

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