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Bounce Curl Curl Cream vs. All-in-One Styling Cream

Let me start by saying that I have never been a fan of curl creams. My hair at the time was more wavy than curly due to damage caused by highlights, and curling creams did absolutely nothing for my hair. They gave no definition and guidance.

But then I decided to give it one last chance... I heard so many positive experiences about the Bounce Curl Avocado & Rose Oil Clump and Define Cream that I decided to give it another try. This cream worked well, yeahh but...I still had to use a gel for hold.

While coming up with our Amazing Curls line, we came up with the idea... What if we could develop a cream that offers the same hold as a gel? Especially since there is certainly a group of curly hair that prefer not to use gel.

And so it began, with the Bounce Curl Cream as inspiration to develop a curl cream that had it all: nourishment, definition and great hold. So you actually don't need gel anymore.

Personally, I used the All-in-One Styling Cream for 4 months in a row, as a leave-in, curl cream and gel in one, and over time I gained more and more definition and my curls felt wonderfully nourished.

That was also an important point... Many products gave you an unpleasant feeling in your hair the days after washing, stiff, sticky, yuck... We also wanted to prevent that and we succeeded quite well, as long as you didn't use too much. lots of product used!

But I wasn't the only one who loved the Bounce Curl Cream at the time, our testers were also very positive. We kept developing until we could all say yes, this Amazing All-in-One Styling Cream is an improved version of the Bounce Curl Cream.

We recently asked Merel from Curly Samples to compare the Bounce Curl Cream to our Amazing Curls All-in-One Styling Cream. She has fine hair without a strong curl, so she is the perfect candidate to compare the creams.

Below you will find the video and her findings.

Not convinced yet? Try our All-in-One Styling Cream in Travel Size format first!

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