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Are you looking for a very quick routine with great CG products? In this blog I share my 'one styling product washday'. I am very pleased with the result and finished styling my curls after just 30 minutes. Are you curious about which CG product was used? Then read on and see the result at the bottom of the blog! 



Wow, only one product used in my entire styling routine? That is not entirely true. I used the All-in-one styling cream from CG Curls... in combination with the protein drops from this brand. 

The all-in-one styling cream that has it all. The product gives my hair definition, volume, hydration and good hold. So I did NOT use any gel after using the curl cream! Normally I always use a gel to shape my curls. That wasn't necessary here, and I'm amazed at the result. 

The benefits of this cream: 

  • Hydrates
  • Strong hold
  • Does not weigh down
  • Adds shine
  • Reduces frizz
  • Very little of it is needed
  • Without Aloe Vera
  • Without Glycerine
  • Without Protein 


I used the curl cream in combination with the Curly Hair Protein Drops. Protein strengthens the hair by attaching to the hair shaft, this strengthens the hair, provides bounce and has a protective effect. Using protein regularly, whether you have high or low porosity hair, will help the hair retain its moisture and gain more shine and definition. The protein drops really give my hair a boost. I recently dyed it so protein is essential for me, it has been damaged by dyeing and protein fills in the 'holes' in my hair. 

The benefits of the protein drops: 

  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Gives bounce
  • Adds shine
  • Ensures a good moisture balance
  • No more saggy curls 
  • Add it yourself to all protein-free products


I used the all-in-one styling cream in combination with protein drops: the secret formula for radiant and healthy hair.

My hair is highly porous and therefore needs protein. Normally I prefer to use a curl cream with protein, but since the All-in-one styling cream from CG curls does not contain protein, I added it myself with the drops. It's very easy! 

I simply mix 3 half pumps of the all-in-one styling cream with about 10 protein drops. I do the mixing in my hand. I divide my hair into 3 parts, a bottom, middle and top layer. So I apply the styling cream in 3 parts, first I mix 1 pump of cream with a few drops of protein drops for the bottom layer, then I follow 2 more times for the other layers.

I apply the styling cream to soaking wet hair with the mist spray bottle. The cream ensures good slip. I first spread the cream with my hands and fingers. Then I use the detangler and definition brush from this brand. Because the brush is nice and large, you can quickly distribute the product well and define your hair. I even like this brush better than a Denman Brush! It has fewer high 'spines', which means you pull less on the hair and the natural curl can come into its own better.


If there is enough cream in your hair, use only a small amount because this product is very concentrated, so all you have to do is define and dry your curls. So you don't use gel in your hair! Don't you like the sticky feeling you get from gel once it has dried? Then this is the perfect product for you. 


I am super happy with how my curls turned out. I didn't expect a curl cream to do so much! Normally I always use a gel for hold, but that wasn't necessary here. This cream providesno hard gel cast, it provides airy curls and I experience a lot of volume! I may have experienced a little more frizz, but it wasn't disturbing, it just added volume.

My curls are still great the next day. I only had to use some water to refresh, the product was simply reactivated by water. 

My findings: 

  • Super hydrated curls
  • Perfect balance between moisture and protein
  • Defined curls
  • You only need to use very little, the product is very concentrated
  • Bounce 
  • Remains in shape for a long time, I could use this for a week! 
  • Only refresh in between with water or a small amount of cream
  • Happy and enthusiastic, delicious products! 

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